The current generation ages 18 to 25 have general commonalities.  First, they over analyze everything.  I could guess at the unifying force that created this phenomenon but in this case I am just making an observation.  Questions like; "If I say this how will he/she react.  What did you really mean by what you said?   Or, Don't tell me to do something, tell me exactly what you want me to do."  Low self esteem, lower trust of others.
The second commonality is lack of commitment.  This generation wants to think about it.  They don't want to attempt something that may fail.  It goes so far as the abuse of the word "like."  It is not "It's red!"  It is more often, " you know, its like, you know, like redish, sometimes, but not all the time, like you know."
I think it would do the world a lot of good if people, particularly this group would buck up a little, find their center and their place and decide to excel in it.  You should make decisions in life, move on them, and modify them as you go.  Sure footed and sure minded work so much better for everyone involved.  When you are confident in yourself the people around you are more confident in you and you breed confidence in those connected to you.  Don't be a bully, but make your way with purpose.

We look back at times of our youth and we recollect them as very good or very bad or somewhere in-between.  I myself have very fond memories of family life when I was small.  Unfortunately today we hear more and more about men who not only fail in their responsibilities to protect their children but in fact are the actual abusers.  I look hard attempting to understand a contorted mindset that could be that selfish and that self-serving.  God makes it clear in the scripture that a man is to protect his family at his periled.  Can any man be so loathsome as to put a hateful hand on his wife or child?  Can any man justify any thought toward a daughter that was not wholesome and pure?  To his wife, I say speak out.  To his children, seek help.  The world will come to your rescue.  Jesus had a special place in his heart for little children.  Christian men we have within us a portion of the very thoughts and mind of Christ.  I say protect yours and those you know who may be trapped.  It’s on you to be bold.  Meet that need.

Today we are living in a time when a persons word is not worth much.  "Well you said!"  "But I didn't sign anything."  The days I grew up in where a man was as good as his word and it mattered what other people thought of him have gone the way of the step-side pickup truck.  I believe it has something to do with neighbors.  We have little or no contact with those who live close around us anymore.  What they think about us is of little concern. 
There was a time when your reputation would have a direct effect on how you got along in the community.  A young man may go to apply for a job and the storekeeper might say, "I know your daddy, he is a good man, I will give you a try."  Many a spanking was handed out because the action of a child made "the whole family look bad."  Everything is detached now and your reputation, good or bad, doesn't have the sway on your life it once had.  For that I am truly saddened.  The old way there was a certain accountability, missing today.  
There is still hope for you and yours.  Find yourself a person or a group of people that shares your faith and beliefs and then agree to hold each other accountable.   Your life will be richer and stronger and closer to what you know it should be.
I have received numerous comments about this book.
Although it is targeted at men, the comments I am getting are mostly from women.
I enjoy hearing good and bad about the book. Most of what I am hearing is "Good character development," "I like Dutch the best," and "Are there really Barken horses?"
I hope as time goes by and the workbook comes online, the comments will get to be more insightful. It is fiction and represents the hope that truth can be made evident while telling a good story.
Love to hear from you!