We look back at times of our youth and we recollect them as very good or very bad or somewhere in-between.  I myself have very fond memories of family life when I was small.  Unfortunately today we hear more and more about men who not only fail in their responsibilities to protect their children but in fact are the actual abusers.  I look hard attempting to understand a contorted mindset that could be that selfish and that self-serving.  God makes it clear in the scripture that a man is to protect his family at his periled.  Can any man be so loathsome as to put a hateful hand on his wife or child?  Can any man justify any thought toward a daughter that was not wholesome and pure?  To his wife, I say speak out.  To his children, seek help.  The world will come to your rescue.  Jesus had a special place in his heart for little children.  Christian men we have within us a portion of the very thoughts and mind of Christ.  I say protect yours and those you know who may be trapped.  It’s on you to be bold.  Meet that need.



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